Social media is HUGE. If your business is not on social media... chances are, it's not doing so hot and let's be honest with each other here, you either:

a) don't have social media for your business

b) have it, but it somehow it is part of your personal account or

c) have it and you've given it a solid effort, but let's face it - you're a busy business owner and you have more important things to focus on than post on social media.

So that brings us to why you're on this website... There will be zero judgement which level your business is at. We're literally giving you an air high five right now,  for taking a step in the right direction. 


We strive to build and maintain a unique, engaging and interactive social community within each social platform for the businesses we work with. We focus specifically on Facebook and Instagram and have just recently added Snap Chat to our roster at Events. 

Business Social Media Content Manager

We ensure that our clients' social platforms are full of content for followers to interact and engage with. A main goal of ours at Social Status is for our Clients' followers to find their posts to be at least a few of - if not all of the following: relateable, inspiring, interesting, humorous, relevant, informative and engaging. 

We truly believe that a strong social community and consistent content will encourage and result in a strong online or in-store community presence for your business. 

Event Social Media Management

Hire Social Status to amp up your expo or events' page. Create a following that is actively engaging with your content, following your page and ultimately, will result in more people purchasing tickets and attending your event. We create custom Facebook & Instagram Ads, contests to win tickets, and digital marketing materials customized to your event.

We've done work with With This Ring Bridal Gala, Central Alberta Family Expo and One Fire Hot Yoga Festival.

For added value, consider adding a LIVE Social or Social Booth to your event for guests to really interact and have a memorable experience!

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