Literally #TheNextBigThing - no word of a lie. 

Have you ever thought how cool it is when businesses have a hashtag for their customers to use and then they post on social media using that hashtag and then the customers' post goes up onto a monitor. It's like everyone's dream to have their moment of fame on the big screen. 

Guess what? THAT is a Social! Pretty rad, right?

Cool thing about them is that you can do so much more than just post on social media using a hashtag. The possibilities are endless! Just kidding, there is a limit, but it's a large list:

- Use up to THREE custom hashtags

- Customize with photos, DIGITAL advertisements, simple signage (welcome to your business/event) 

- Customize colors

- Daily specials (customize times and dates for different specials)

- Add your menu 

- Live polling (good way for businesses to get quick and instant feedback from customers)

- Weather/News updates 

- Sports updates & statistics

- Videos

- Webpages

- Partners, sponsorship DIGITAL advertisements

- Much much more

The even cooler thing about a Social is the LIVE aspect of it. It's pretty much a slideshow of all your awesome promotional content BUT you and your guests can INTERACT and add to it via Social Media. Imagine this at your event, having a representative from Social Status going around and getting your guests to actually interact with the Social by taking photos, encouraging photo taking, etc. This increases the usage, results and could even get your event #trending on social media. 

Red Deer, Alberta Canada